June 4 2010

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  February 27 2009

Shows and Pictures have been updated.
Please check the nice cat myspace for latest show dates - we update that more often!
Also, check out the does livejournal, Carol posts there.

  august 10 2007

We have updated our website!
Thanks goes to our drummer Alex for the design/rebirth.
Check out the myspace page too

More pics and exciting news coming soon...

  august 2006

Our cover of Electric Sheep's "Rat Race" gets a mention in Wikipedia.

another show!
We'll be at the Bovine in Toronto again on Wednesday August 30, with Godzero and Inside.

video viewing
And although we haven't quite figured out how to convert our video for "Dirty Socks" into Quicktime for your viewing pleasure (we hope to do that soon, though), Caitlin has compiled some footage from our recent trip to the States that can be seen on our myspace page.

  july 2006

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the Bovine to celebrate our CD release, video release and Caitlin's birthday. Extra big thanks to Craig and Delphine (and Jenny and Andrew and Fearless Films) and Neddal and Ali Cat and Rome and Margaret and Christine and Millions of Cats. And sorry if I embarrassed Jim by singling him out from the stage.

And also a big thanks to Martin Streek for having out to his show on 102.1 to speak to him on air about the CD and to talk up the CD release party!

We had a really great time at the Bovine. I wish I'd seen Caitlin standing up ON the bar, but I missed that. Nicole will soon be compiling some results from the surveys from our "suggestion box", so hopefully we can post some of the best of those online. We were also pleased to have Neddal up on stage for a song. It was all good times!

So the CD is out. As of right now, you can get it by getting in touch with us or coming to a show. It will be available soon-ish on iTunes. We'll let you know when that happens and when we get some in stores somewhere.

And keeping checking our myspace page for updates and shows and all.

Oh! And one more thing... Check out the next issue of Eye Weekly on July 20.

- carol

  june 2006
girls, nights, bottles, shows!
Finally! The CD is finished and pressed. The release party is July 14 at the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto. We'll also be celebrating Caitlin's birthday! We'll also be in PA and WV. See the shows page for details!

Carol and the Catmobile!
  april 15 2006

notes from the road
After overcoming possibly every obstacle in the world (excluding being abducted by aliens), Nice Cat just completed their first of many mini tours for the upcoming year.

Our newest member, Noah, did a great job learning the songs and playing the shows - all in 3 weeks! Sure, our set was compromised by a serious lack of tuners on stage - but we still rocked...even when we were hanging on by a thread!

New York was SOOOOO much fun. Our newest driver got some pretty good on site driving lessons from the NYC taxi locals! (Best knish ever!) And I've said it before, and I'll say it again - it's always great to see Rich and Daniel from Year Long Disaster. If you don't know who I'm talking about you should seriously check out this site: Year Long Disaster - and if the words Karma To Burn mean anything at all to you, you will WANT to check it out.

Now that's a band that knows how to rock. I mean ROCK. Songs rock, set rocks, they rock. We also shared the stage with a band called Anthrophobia (what do you mean you never heard of Anthrophobia?) ...I don't even know where to start this story.

First of all, I should mention that we borrowed every single piece of equipment to make these shows happen. I mean, Noah had some drum sticks..and I stashed my big muff (no jokes please...we are all adults here....or are we?) and we bought some picks en route. So, with that in mind...we trapped some of the band's members to help us setting up, getting tones that didn't sound like ping pong balls etc. I have to say that Brent (guitarist for Anthrophobia - who should seriously consider having a shorter name because every time I type it, it takes forever!- not Brent, Anthr....) is a great guitar tech (no offense Duke - you will always be our first and best! ) And needless to say a rockin' guitar player. Sharing the stage with these guys was a blast can check them out at their site and you should. Check them out live if you'll be worth it. Anyway, been listening to the sampler of yld and anthr....and it's pretty solid. (I have some extra copies that I'd mail out if yer interested) We also played with Grae. They rocked fact, Rich picked a pretty solid line up for these shows, and we were pretty lucky to pull it off.

So here we are, back home...I'm off to cuba tomorrow...but when I get seems that our video is finished and our cd is being manufactured as we speak.

Now, I don't know how much you know about the cd...but you should know a few key things. First of all it's a total labour of, don't run away really is..and it really rocks. Uncle Punchy (Larry Packer) was the final producer on it and was an integral part of its success... I really don't know whose idea it was , but it just so happened that Clutch (another awesome band) were recording at the same time we were, and they loaned us all of their gear for the u.s. portion of the recording. In the end, they loaned us their keyboard player (Mick Schauer) too - well, actually, I think he drunkenly agreed at the Town any rate, he rocks with us on "Slow Motion". It's pretty cool when someone listens to a song once or twice and then just busts out some riffs. And of course, Josh Freese (another drunken agreement) recorded two drum tracks with us ("Sugardaddy" and "Rat Race") and again, I say with complete amazement how incredible it is to watch a professional musician scribble a few notes on some paper and then play the song that we wrote (and probably had to play a gabillion times before we even came close to getting it right) in 2 takes. I mean, the first take was awesome, but not good enough for his standards.

And then let's discuss "Rat Race" for a minute.....ever heard of a band called the Electric Sheep? prolly not. That's because, well, they broke up and one member formed Rage Against the Machine and another member formed/joined Tool. In an unrelated drunken bargaining session, we agreed to cover one of their songs...and hence the song "Rat Race". Now it's really important to understand that "Rat Race" came to us in the mail on a really old tape. Like really old. From the 80's I believe. So you can imagine Josh's face when after a serious night of drinking, he's handed a cassette tape and we sweetly say 'uhm, well, you see, we just got this in the mail, and none of us have learned it yet..but would you mind just playing the drums by know, so that later we can record over top?' Josh is such a great sport...I'm pretty sure that he wanted to throw up...hangover...stupid chicks with stupider the end, we have a rock tune. And again...he did it in one take. Incredible....when I think about it, half the time I want to quit cos I'll never be that good..and the other half I want to quit my job and practice all day. (well, I quit my job, so I guess I'm half ways there)

Anyway, so that's that.

The album is called "Three girls, Three nights, Three bottles".....another great story which I'd type if I wasn't supposed to be packing for Cuba. And we'll sell it to you if you ask us nicely. Stay tuned for the cd release / video release party info etc...

- caitlin

  march 29 2006
show changes
Unfortunately, Year Long Disaster will not be able to play April 2 at the Elmo, but we are still playing with them in PA. We just saw them in NYC, and they are great!

  march 21 2006
Nice Cat podcast
This might very well be our first appearance in a "podcast"!
So check it out!

video finished!
We just saw the final edit of the video for "Dirty Socks" and we're very psyched about it! A million thanks to the lovely and talented Delphine from blueScreen for making our video. We'll be getting copies and sending it out and hopefully putting it up somewhere very soon.

shows, shows, shows!
We'll be in NYC on March 24. In Toronto on April 2. And in PA from the 7th. We've been practicing furiously with Noah on drums, and we're very excited to be playing again. We hope to see you there.

  march 14 2006

Nice Cat on the road!
We'll be in TO, NYC and PA. Check the shows page for details. We hope to see some of you there!

Three girls, Three nights, Three bottles
We're just waiting on some finished artwork to send Three Girls, Three Nights, Three Bottles off to the pressing plant. Shows, a video, and more to follow soon!